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"Medically Sterile Body Piercing"

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The choice is yours!  When considering who is going to do your piercing, keep in mind the following facts:

1.  Piercing by Lani has been in business since 1995 with the same very experienced staff

2.  Piercing by Lani has made a score of 100 on every Health Department inspection - ever

3.  At Piercing by Lani, all piercings are done under medically sterile conditions, with a one time use disposable needle to protect your health and safety

4.  At Piercing by Lani, our Autoclave medical sterilization unit is tested weekly by a certified medical testing lab

5.  At Piercing by Lani, we sit down and talk to you one on one, teaching you how to take proper care of your piercing

6.  At Piercing by Lani, all jewelry used for initial piercing is high quality from a reputable supplier.  A lot of jewerly on the market today is fine for a healed piercing, but should not be used for an initial piercing

7.  At Piercing by Lani, we are usually available 7 days a week to do piercings, as well as to answer any questions you may have

8.  Best of all, at Piercing by Lani, our prices are very competitive!